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The following information was submitted in 2012 (and then updated here periodically) at the request of The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a not-for-profit organization designed to facilitate exchanges among those involved in all aspects of the planning, design, construction, and operation of tall buildings. The CTBUH maintains one of the world’s largest and most accurate databases of tall building information.

Official name:
Marina City

Other names:
Marina Towers


United States


Street address:
300-350 North State Street, 315-339 North Dearborn Street

Building function:
Mixed use, residential and commercial

Structural material:

Year proposed:

Year construction started:

Year construction ended:

Year of alteration:


Height (architectural top):
588 feet (179.22 meters) from Chicago River to top of mechanical penthouse

Height (top occupied floor):
534.5 feet (162.92 meters) approximately

This estimate is based on the known heights of the 20th floor (194.5 feet) and the observation deck (543.0 feet) directly above the top occupied floor. The difference between these two heights is 348.5 feet.

Height (observatory):
543 feet (165.51 meters)

Number of floors above ground:

Number of floors below ground:
One (marina level 17 feet in height)

Number of elevators:
Five in each tower, five in the 16-story office building (Hotel Chicago), one in the theater building (House of Blues), one in Smith & Wollensky, and one in the glass-domed “vertical transportation center” on the plaza level.

Top elevator speed:
Approximately two floors per second. The freight elevator in the west tower can travel from the roof level (61st floor) to the lower level (1st floor) in 33 seconds.

Gross floor area:

The estimate of each tower’s gross floor area does not include the marina level or mechanical penthouse. Each level has a diameter of 127 feet and an area of 39,796 square feet.

39,796 square feet per floor x 61 floors = 2,427,556 square feet (225,527 square meters)

Number of apartments:

Number of hotel rooms:

Number of parking spaces:
900 (approximately). 32 spaces x 18 floors x 2 towers = 1,152 maximum spaces

Original owner:
Building Service Employees Union (now known as Service Employees International Union)

Current owner:
Hotel Chicago and all other commercial property are owned by Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, a real estate investment trust with headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. The building in which House of Blues is located is owned by Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. Residential units are individually owned by approximately 700 people.

Marina City Building Corporation built and later managed Marina City.

Design architect:
Bertrand Goldberg, Bertrand Goldberg Associates. Other notable BGA personnel were Ben Honda (architect), Richard Binfield, Joe Burnett, Louis Rocah (designers), Al Goers (site planner), and Ed Center (administrator).

Structural engineers:
Bertrand Goldberg Associates, Severud Associates. Most notably, Frank Kornacker, Bert Weinberg, and Gene Yamamoto.

General contractor:
James McHugh Construction Company. Clarence Ekstrom, project manager.

Other consultants:
Dr. Ralph B. Peck (foundation consultant), Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (foundation engineers), Case Foundation Company (caissons), Alfred Caldwell (landscape architect).

Material suppliers:

Building images: