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Marina City is a mixed-use complex along the main branch of the Chicago River in downtown Chicago. It is home to approximately 1,400 residents and 17 businesses.

Its distinctive design features two cylindrical, 588-foot towers, each comprised of 18 parking levels, 40 floors of condominium units, a floor for laundry and storage, an observation deck, and a three-story mechanical penthouse. The towers rise from a two-story, 300,000 square foot commercial platform.

Built in the 1960s and now an official City of Chicago landmark, Marina City was for a time the tallest residential building in the world and the tallest building made of reinforced concrete.

The Hunter Its many film credits include The Hunter, in which Steve McQueen plays a bounty hunter who chases a fugitive up the spiral parking ramp on the west tower before the villain loses control and drives off into the river.

Although the residential floors are not open to the public, much of the complex is accessible and visitors are welcome.

Marina City has nine bars – one of which is a House of Blues, another is an upscale bowling alley, and another is an upscale table tennis facility. Marina City’s nine restaurants range from fast food to fancy dining.

On the concourse level, accessed from steps leading down from State Street and Dearborn Street, there is a dry cleaner and grocery store, both of which serve Marina City and the neighborhood beyond.

Hotel Chicago is a 354-room Marriott with a recently renovated lobby, new meeting rooms, and a new bar.

On the marina level, you can rent a small electric boat and continue your exploration of the Chicago River.

Address: The residences are all located at 300 North State Street in zip code 60654. The address of businesses at Marina City range from 300 to 350 North State Street and 315 to 339 North Dearborn Street.

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